Properly planned and placed acoustic elements can have a greater impact on sound quality than upgrading speakers, and usually at a lower cost. They can either be shown off or completely hidden.

Keenly aware of design and architecture, the goal is maximizing comfort, simplicity, and entertainment while aesthetically blending into your home’s decor. We love reducing visibility of the multitude of electronic devices in your home to allow the architecture, furnishings, and art to take centre stage. Let us help you hide light switches, thermostats, speakers, TVs, and more. We specialize in a wide variety of products designed to disappear when not in use, and spring to life upon demand. We also believe that fewer buttons are almost always better. Complexity results in clutter and frustration, which we work diligently to eliminate.

Cinemaacoustic dealer

audotorium acoustic dealer

AV Logic, being one the leading players in the Audio and Video Solution industry, caters to appropriate and sophisticated acoustic setup across India. We specialize in creating custom spaces with intricate sound details. Our solutions come with extensive voice intelligence and sturdiness to suit the required ambience. Spaces such as cinema halls and auditoriums require suitable number of reverberations and appropriate amount of sound absorption. Places such as hotels need proper sound proofing in order to maintain guests’ privacy and tranquillity. Hence depending upon the type of establishment, our consultants would survey the space and offer solutions based on the requirements. We are one of the few players who could provide end to end, elegant solutions at an affordable price.

Few places where AV Logic is credited with beautifully and aesthetically installing the acoustic solutions are,

  • Theatres
  • House of worship
  • Office boardrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Hotels
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Recording Studios
  • Indoor sports complexes

“We see to that your customers enjoy your services without any disturbance – That is what AV Logic is here for”