Live Sound Solutions

  • Wide Range of Products.
  • Microphones, Speaker system, Digital & Analog Mixers, Amplifiers, Cables & Accessories.
  • Line Array, Compact Array, Ground Stackable & Stage Monitors.
  • Passive, Active & Powered System.
  • Wide Range Application Solution.
  • L-Acoustics, Mackie & DB Sounds Pro series.
  • Amplifiers: Power soft & DB sounds Pro series

Studio Solutions

  • Studio Mixers, Analog Mixers & Electronics.
  • Studio Microphones: Neumann & Rodes.
  • Studio Monitors: Neumann, M-Audio & Genelec.
  • Digital Mixers: Yamaha, Mackie & Presonus.

Microphone Solutions

  • Live, Wired & Wireless – Vocal & Presentation, Guitar, Bass & Amps, Brass Instruments, Wind Instruments, Drums & Percussion, Piano, Broadcast/ENG/Film
  • Systems: Wireless Monitoring, XS Wireless, evolution, evolution wireless, 2000 Series, 3000 / 5000 Series, Digital 9000, K6, MKH.
  • Studio Monitors & Recording Microphones.

CCTV Solutions

  • Cameras, DVR’s, Monitors, Video Door Phones, Cables & Accessories.
  • Camera’s: Dome, Bullet, Analog, IP Camera & PTZ.
  • Camera’s: 420TVL – 700 TVL (Wide range available).
  • DVR’s: Analog, Network Video Recorder, Softwares & PC DVR Cards (Backup from 100 Hours – Unlimited).
  • View from anywhere with use of Mobile Phones & PC – Laptop Via internet.

Applications: Schools, Colleges, Banking, Corporate office, Factories, Residential and any place can be connected for the personnel safety and security.

Office Solutions

  • Projectors, Screens & Audio/Video Conference.
  • Projectors: Acer, Benq, Panasonic & Epson.
  • Screens: Liberty (Insta-lock, Tripod & Motorized various sizes).
  • Audio Conference: Televic, Bosch, TOA & Polycom.
  • Video Conference: Polycom & Sony.

Institution Solutions

  • Visual Class room & Smart Class Room.
  • P. A. System: APART – AUDIO, TOA & Bosch.
  • Screens: Liberty (Insta-lock, Tripod & Motorized various sizes).
  • Audio/Video Conference: Polycom & Sony.
  • Camera & Recorder: Sony & Samsung.
  • Document Camera: Samsung
  • Switchers: Extron, Kramer & PTN
  • AV Integrated Remote: Extron & Crestron

Commercial PA Solutions

  • Announcement System, Voice Management System & Fire Evacuation System.
  • This segment is purely designed by our engineers with pack of mix-match system to serve your need as per your requirement
  • Includes Announcement, Voice Management & Evacuation system for Malls, Schools, Colleges, Theaters, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, House of worship, Railway station, Airports, High raise Buildings & almost all the public area requires this solution .
  • Brands Used: Apart-Audio, TOA & Bosch.

New Construction

Builders Working Together at all Phases of Construction

AV Logic can work with you at any stage of your building or remodeling project–even after you’ve finished decorating.

Wherever you are on your project timeline, AV Logic is ready to help. The best time to call is in the early stages, since all options are open then and we can do absolutely anything. As the project progresses, there are some limits on what can be done, but it’s never too late for us to incorporate great audio and video into the decor of your home.

Here is a general guide to what we can do at different stages of construction.

Planning and Design

This is the ideal time to begin working with us. If you don’t have blueprints yet, you might find we have ideas that could influence your plans. If you have your blueprints, we can plan the perfect system for any part of your home. Anything is possible!

Beginning Construction

This is still an excellent time to begin working with us. Don’t wait too long, though. It’s best when we can begin work right after the electricians, so we’d like to complete our planning with you before that stage. That keeps all your options open, and ensures that we can accomplish all your home entertainment objectives.

Pre-wire Phase

This is the time for us to begin our installation work. It’s best for the planning to have already been completed. If it hasn’t been, and you’re just bringing us in, we’ll move as quickly as we can so you’ll have as many options as possible.

Drywall Phase

By this phase there are some limits on what we can do, but we can still work with existing rooms. Stud placements are fixed, and it is harder to run certain wires. It is still better to involve us here than at a later stage, since it is easier to patch drywall when cuts are required.


Depending on the construction of your home, there will be some limits now on what can be done without major work. Even so, we have found that there are great options for almost any home even after construction is completed. There may be some limits, but anything we can do will still come out looking and sounding great!

Completely Decorated

Even after you’ve finished decorating it’s not too late for us to do a complete system installation customized to your home’s new look. We’ll come in, do the work, clean up, and it will look like we were never there. The only difference is that you’ll have incredible sound and video in that same décor.

Our Approach


Our experts evaluate each consultation meticulously and provide professional advices through a technical site visit or with the help of blue prints. Every query is treated with an individualistic approach.


A process is plan-driven; every possible option in terms of cost, technology, application, equipment effectiveness, functionality etc. is presented to the client, giving him immense choices to choose from as per the requirements.


Our association with the parent companies as distributors and dealers and our Pan India dealership network help us to supply the most genuine and company manufactured products throughout the country.


The in-house technical support based in New Delhi with a huge team of trained professionals handles all the set-up and installations with complete dedication and accuracy.


To make your experience absolutely smooth and hurdle-free, our engineers make the entire equipment set-up undergo various stages of testing. All the required applications and accessories are incorporated for a user-friendly operation of the system.


We believe in developing long-lasting relationships with our clients. With the help of our technicians, any repair or maintenance work is taken care of to the utmost satisfaction of the user.


The constant support from the parent companies has enabled us to provide services at most unimaginative time and places.

How We Do It

Investigation | Collaboration | Teamwork.
We start with a comprehensive understanding of each of our clients. This means investigating the DNA of the organization – probing the culture, organizational values, business model and strategic goals of the business area and the enterprise as a whole. We collaborate closely with the client team, helping to define what they need & identify who will shape the role to fuel their ambitions. We also team with our colleagues, leveraging each other’s expertise and exchanging perspectives on the industry from different markets. This helps clients to build diverse leadership teams that achieve results in a multipolar economy – a critical success factor for tomorrow’s organizations.

Our features

  • We place high precedence in delivering our services on time with quality service.
  • We assign dedicated teams with skills matched to the client requirements.
  • We are consequence driven.