Structure Properties: A patented metal frame that is anti sound reflection & resonance and anti oxidation treated.
Side A performs excellently in absorbing sound in all frequency.
Side B–The MLS diffusing cloud is made by HIPS forming process.
Base Material: Super micro glass fiber in different density. Green treatment without any formaldehyde emission.
Installation: 1000H — Standard fixing system with wheels; Hidden rectangle fixed groove 1000HD –Standard holes for horizontal or vertical hanging.
1)Acoustical fabric for sound absorption.
2)Diffusion side: PU Matte painting (Please refer to color chart for details) Eco-Friendly: Up to international E0 standard Flame retardation: Base material–Grade A Size:1000H 2100*800*200mm. 1000HD 2000″800″100mm Weight: 1000H 28kg / 1000HD 15kg Scope of Application: 1000H — A semi-enveloped acoustic absorbing shell for portable stage 1000HD — A hanging acoustic absorbing shell Acoustic Properties: Portable acoustic baffle help to control bugs like long reverberation time, fluttering echo, parallel sound reflection and standing wave in medium frequency for churches, halls, multi-functional rooms, and studio. Meanwhile, it’s a quick outdoor acoustic shell solution.


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